Established in 1984 as Lodging Electronics Inc by Sarah and Paul Langan, the company has been covering the communication needs of the valley for over 26 years. Lodging Electronics started in the lodging industry selling and repairing telephony and electronic equipment. As time passed and the business model changed from lodging to small business and the scope narrowed to telephony equipment, Lodging Electronics established the name L.E.I. Communications in 1987.

As L.E.I. Communications, the company gained experience with a wide variety of telephony products and narrowed the product line to what we feel is the best state-of-the-art equipment available today. Our product line fits our company policy of selling a product that looks forward to the future while keeping the current customer investment sound but capable of being upgraded as their communication needs increase.

Our staff is dedicated to providing our customers reliable communication and prompt courteous service. Our customers can reach us anytime they need help by directly calling us during normal business hours or after hours with a call back within 2 hours, generally less than 30 minutes.