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IPX Office

The IPX series phone system is a full feature and versatile system that can work as a VoIP system, a legacy PBX switch, or a hybrid of both technologies.

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For the small sized office that has a large scale need Tadiran now offers the UCx unified communications system with built in voicemail and web based management. The IPX Office system is grounded in VoIP but has the capacity to work with legacy devices if that is still required.


The Coral Sea Softswitch, or Coral Sea, is a server based VoIP system which offers a multimedia-over IP unified communications solution.


Emerald ICE

The Emerald ICE key system is designed with the small office and the budget conscience in mind. A great system for 2 to 46 stations yet the system still delivers a powerful set of features for today's  business needs.

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Call Center and Reporting

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Whether digital or IP, display versus non-display, Tadiran has a phone to fill the need. In addition to offering a SIP compliant phone; Tadiran has complied a list of SIP phones that are tested and certified to work with any VoIP enable system.

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Enhanced Features & Production Tools

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